Be secure. Buy an SSL certificate.

Speak the language of security with an SSL certificate.
The little green lock lets visitors know that you’ll keep
their data safe.

If you manually install your SSL, here
are 5 things to consider

Request the SSL

Specify your domain name and the type of web server that’s hosting your site.

Redirect HTTP

Once installed, redirect your visitors to the secured (HTTPS) version of your site.

Verify your SSL

Then verify that you control the domain — verification depends on the type of certificate and web server.

Check Installation

Enter your URL into a browser. Look for the padlock icon before your URL, if it’s there, you’ve completed installation and your site is SSL secure.

Download your SSL

Download your primary and intermediate certificates from the SSL dashboard.

SSL/TLS increases customer trust

Why you need SSL

You can negatively affect your website’s trustworthiness if your website is not marked secure by browsers like Google Chrome. If your site has an SSL certificate, its URL will start with the prefix “https” and a padlock icon will appear in the browser bar, which shows your visitors your site is secure and their data is secure. Search engines rank pages that are protected by SSL better, and visitors are more likely to trust them.

What SSL does

A SSL certificate encrypts all information transmitted to and from your website, protecting it from third parties.


TLS is an updated, more secure version of SSL. When you buy an SSL certificate from IONOS, you get the latest TLS technology. We still refer to them as SSL certificates because it’s the more common term.

Let us handle it for you and save
you time and hassle.

We’ll handle all your SSL needs — from initial purchase to final install to upkeep.