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Read about Tickets

What are Tickets?

A ticket – be it for an addition or revision – helps our clients to assign their requirements in a professional and organized manner.

Once you have got your web designed and developed as per your requirements, you can always come to us with different additions, changes, or revisions. Depending on the limit of your package, you can open a ticket, can add your requirements, and can get it resolved through us ASAP.

To completely understand how our tickets’ system work, we urge you to read our following tickets’ policy, so that we can have long-term and healthy business relations without any miscommunication or misunderstanding:

  1. A ticket can be as big as creating a whole landing page and can be as small as uploading an image to your website.
  2. You can assign only one task in a ticket. For example, if you want to create a new landing page and also need some changes in an existing one, you will be required to submit two different tickets; one for the new page creation and second for the changes in the current one.
  3. You can submit up to 5 tickets in a month in the basic package and up to 10 tickets in a month, you can avail if you get our premium package.
  4. The time that our team may take to resolve a ticket will depend on the requirements you mention in the ticket. Like, when there is a requirement to change an image or a section on your site, it may not take more than 24-48 hours to close the ticket. While, creating a new landing page may take a whole week.
  5. When you have got all of your tickets (depending on your package) availed and still need an urgent work needed to be done on your site, there are two options that you can avail: either you pay extra and buy more tickets (You can buy an extra ticket from here) or ask us to adjust tickets in the next month. Like, you have 5 tickets monthly in your package, but you avail 7 in a month, then you will get only 3 tickets in the next month.

Also read the following FAQs about the tickets if you have any further questions in your mind.

  • Why do I need these tickets when my site is live now?

The work on a website doesn’t end after it is made live. Rather, you will be in need of designers and developers all the time until your site is live on the internet. Considering this, Red Craft Media is offering an affordable option for those who can’t afford to hire web designers and developers all the time when they want any addition or changes in their sites.

  • What can I ask for through a ticket?

First, when you come to us and buy any of our packages, you get domain registration, hosting, web design, development, copyrighting, and other services (mentioned in the package) without any ticket.

The process of tickets starts when your site is live now and then you need any addition or changes on the site. Depending on your package, you will be given monthly tickets, through which, you can assign us different tasks through the tickets and get them resolved ASAP.

  • How many tasks can I assign in a ticket?

You can assign only one task in a ticket.

  • Can I ask to make a new website through a ticket?

No, in a ticket, you are not supposed to ask us to create a new site or completely change your existing site. Rather, these tickets are for the small changes that are required time to time on a website.

  • What are the changes can I ask for through a ticket? Can you please elaborate?

Through a ticket, you can ask for the following changes:

  • To create a new landing page
  • To add pages on the site
  • To add or change the logo, banners, or images
  • To add or change some content on the site
  • To add an image or video
  • To add or change sliders
  • To configure emails
  • To set the contact form with a new email.
  • To change the theme colors or fonts
  • To add or remove a plugin
  • To increase your site’s speed
  • To add products or services
  • To add payment options
  • To provide the Google Webmaster or Analytics’ Reports
  • To add SEO keywords in the content
  • To perform On-Page changes to the site
  • To improve the site security
  • To add a blog post
  • To get some other small additions, revisions, removals, changes to your site.


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