Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Boost Website Ranking


Every website owners want to keep high on rank in the search results. But, what actually their site or page is capable to keep it up? Is it optimized for search engines? It is not easy to achieve a high rank without optimizing your full website. You must have to put proper keywords, quality content, titles, headings, tags, images and much more.

It is most important to understand that what search engines are looking for your site to give the success in the online venture.

Why is SEO necessary to optimize your website?

If you are running a WordPress website then you would know how important is to optimize your site for search engines. It doesn’t give much matter how amazing your site is designed. An SEO-friendly website has several chances of appearing on the first page in the search results and drive constant traffic to your website.

Every business wants to have a higher position in the major SERP’s. However, most of the times, we are away with the search engine optimization. While the best way is to keep things simple and make a sense in the information.

WordPress offers many useful SEO plugins and they take care of the common things. While there are several others useful tips that you can follow to make a difference.

So, in this article, we have discussed some important unique SEO techniques, if you used this properly, your website gets the great results for be a high ranked in the Google Search Engine.

Improved Your WordPress Site Speed:

Ensure that a website speed is most important for many reasons. People don’t wait for a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. It is also beneficial to Google.

You can also check the speed of your website using different tools like Pingdom etc. But Google Analytics gives more accurate results for each thing of your site.

If not set up properly, it’s really easy and gives you a lot of awesome data on your site. To find your site speed. Launch Google Analytics -> Behaviour -> Site Speed -> Overview.

Optimize your Website for mobile

Top SEO experts say the number of increasing in searches from mobile phones is more than any other device. The mobile-friendly sites have better rankings. Google loves to provide the best experience to their users.

Q- So how you can make your site mobile friendly?

A – A simple way is to choose a mobile-friendly WordPress theme.

Optimize Media

Media is an important element for any website. One thing keeps in mind not just only you come up in the higher position with content you can achieve a great rank with your quality images and proper name, tags etc. This helps to increase the site ranking in the image searches.

Just uploading an image with a complex name or other name is not a good SEO practice. Remember whenever you have uploaded an image, you should have to save or upload with the original name, a nice caption, title, and description.

So, all these things give a complete chance to improve your website ranking. Always try to provide the best SEO services to the users. 

Must-Have Content Shareable

Social Media has been grabbing the huge popularity over the past few years. For nowadays, every user is active on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linked and much more every time. The content should be shareable and it allows readers to share it across different social mediums for diving the huge traffic on your site.

To add the social sharing buttons on your site to improve the website credibility and also increase the traffic.

Ensure all images have alt text

Adding alt text to images is a simple way to take advantage of some more traffic. Google uses alt text to determine the content of a page, so this will help your ranking on non-image search.

Use Links & Anchor Text Correctly

Adding links in the posts are important, but you might not be aware of ways to optimize the SEO efforts in reference to links.

You’ll see in many websites in the past, there are several bloggers or website owners often forget to interlink their articles to other posts on a website. Ensure that interlinking is the best practice if you add links on your posts to others posts or pages it can help to improve your onsite SEO as well as the user experience in a website. Remember, your interlink posts must be relevant to other posts.

Your site must be easy to navigate and it is important to the Search Engine Optimization. Ensure that Google gives the highest authority to all those pages which are well-navigated. Adding internal links to get more chances to keep rank at the top positions. Site navigation is the key element for good SEO practice. But, don’t try the unusual and irrelevant link on your pages.

If you do not confirm which pages are important for you so just look at the analytics to see which pages are useful for you. You can see the detailed instruction on the Google Analytics tools.

Search Engines have been evolved over the past few years. The relevancy of the links should be authentic either the links are onsite or backlinks, but it should determine the content of the source page.


Search Engine Optimization is a key of the website ranking. You have to need to hire a great digital marketing agency which offers best SEO servicesfor your company to boost the website in the major Search Engine Results.

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