What is cPanel? Beginner’s Guide for 2021

cPanel is often referred to as the “control panel”. cPanel is the interface that customized and makes changes to the hosting account. The cPanel is the control panel based on Linux, which provides the users with dashboard allowing them for managing the range of elements on the website. It is simple to use and very easy to learn. cPanel is one of the most popular control panels which are used for making websites more efficient.

The beginner guide to cPanel for 2021

cPanel is one of the most used and famous Linux-based control panels for the web hosting of accounts. It will allow you to manage the services conveniently in one place. Currently, cPanel is the standard of the industry, and many web developers know about it and use it.
This easy to use and intuitive web hosting accounts will manage the web hosting account in an efficient way. You can create new FTP users or email addresses as well as monitor resources, install software, and create subdomains.
If you are a beginner, then this guide will help you in everything related to cPanel. It is made especially for beginners, but if you are already using cPanel even then, you can benefit from it. If you want information about the cPanel, you can read through the guide made by Red Craft Media for you.
Few of the good features that the cPanel has includes:
  • Email – Within the cPanel you can make new email accounts, modify or view the existing accounts, change the email passwords, modify the MX records, set up the mailbox quotas and a lot more.
  • Domains – The domain section of cPanel means you will be able to configure the new domains to the account, make subdomains, set up the parked domains, setup redirects, and do more.
  • File Management – This section of cPanel means you can make the backup of your cPanel account, modify or access the files stored in the account, review the usage of disk, as well as manage or make FTP accounts.
  • Databases – You can make new databases, or set up the remote access, access databases, and do a lot more.

cPanel preferences interface

cPanel is robust and user friendly. There are many tools within the cPanel that handle different tasks. It has a full help menu that you can use easily.

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Almost all websites use cPanel. cPanel is the best way of getting your business online if you are new and are unaware of where to start from.

Why is a cPanel needed?

cPanel does difficult server tasks as well as keeps them in the user-friendly interface. You can make a different subdomain that involves editing the Apache configuration. If you do not have a cPanel, you will have to log in the server and then manually edit the configuration files. cPanel allows you to complete the process with just some clicks.You can manage and set up different email accounts on the server without any complication and difficulty in doing the task that you have if you do it manually. cPanel allows you to make new accounts or migrate accounts from several host.
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There are several things that you can do with the cPanel. With the cPanel, you can connect domain names to the hosting, set up emails for your website, back your site up, install WordPress or any other content management system, change several security setting, and check the bandwidth as well as different usage stats. You can also upload files to the server, install add-on apps, set up different optimizations and make new databases or manage the ones that you have already,

The Types of cPanel Hosting

cPanel is a control panel that is flexible and available on different hosting products. The chosen plan will be depending on the needs.There are different types, which include:
  • Shared cPanel Hosting
  • Optimized Hosting for WordPress Websites
  • Full Service Hosting for businesses and beginners
  • VPS cPanel Hosting
  • Dedicated cPanel Hosting
  • WordPress cPanel Hosting
  • Managed Hosting for Growing Businesses
  • Single-Tenant Servers for apps and websites having higher traffic

Finding your cPanel

You can log into your cPanel account easily through different gateways. Use Account Management Panel (AMP) to log in your Hosting account. Special URL can also be used with the assigned username and password that you have selected.
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Control Panel Of your Choice

cPanel is recognizable throughout the hosting industry. So you can find support from the community if it is needed. Apart from community support, you can have the official cPanel documentation, as well as Support Center.

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