How to Host a Website (Simple Guide for Beginners) in 2021

We have made a simple guide for hosting a website that will allow you to host a website even when you are a beginner. There are three main steps involved that are as follows.

Hosting a website – Simple guide for beginners in 2021

Are you interested in learning how to host a website? Some self-hosted website builders, such as WordPress, give you full freedom and allow you to build your website. But the challenge is that a lot of beginners do not know what the best way of hosting the website is. Others may think that they need a set of technical skills to hot a website. However, this is not the case.
If you select the right approach, hosting your website will not take you more than a few minutes. In this beginner guide, we will tell you the steps involved in hosting a website, that too, without the need to learn technical skills. We will tell you what goes on behind hosting a website as well to provide you with a basic understanding of several ways of hosting a website.
Red Craft Media has put together this guide that will ensure you know your way around hosting a website. After reading this, you will just need a few minutes for hosting a website. If you want to host a website, get this simple guide for beginners.

1. Buying the domain name

Your website will need a name. So, the first step will be to register the domain name for your website. Your website’s name will be the permanent address that will allow users to find you on the internet. Your unique domain name will be registered through the accredited company or can be purchased from current owner.

2. Selecting the hosting provider as well as the hosting plan

Apart from your domain name, you must also think about selecting reliable hosting provider. The hosting services enable you to host the website on the server of the supplier and make sure it is available for the world. Often, domain name registrars provide web hosting services too. You may also choose different providers for the domain name as well as hosting.

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3. Choosing the hosting plan

Selecting the hosting type is an essential step that is as important as the process of hosting the website. Five main types of hosting solutions are available, that are Shared, VPS, Managed WordPress, Reseller, and Dedicated Server. Select the hosting on the basis of tasks that you are planning to solve. For your business card websites, small personal blogs, freelance portfolios, and the smaller-sized companies, may choose shared hosting to start the journey. Dedicated Servers and VPS will be excellent solutions for digital service providers, online stores, and the highly-loaded information resources. You get high level of control with these plans and they make sure computing resources are allocated to the exclusive needs of the customers.

Hosting a website is putting the website files on a special computer which is known as the server. The files are made publicly accessible over the internet with this computer, so people can visit them. These special computers consist of a set of installed software that allows different people to access your website. This unique software is known as the webserver. The basic job of a web server is receiving incoming requests and then responding to them by displaying the requested page on the browser of the user.

Why is web hosting needed

When hosting the website is considered, the hosting service is may get in the way. Hosting service is easiest as compared to renting space for the shop window or store. Your website’s name also known as domain name resolves with address of server where the website is stored, like the address book of the city. The difference is that when the user will enter the website’s name into the browser’s address bar, they will be sent to the website, and the hosting provider will give the resources that are saved for being display on the requested page.

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As the environment is competitive, so the hosting providers will try to make solutions, which are ready to be used by the customers and they are available at different price points. However, you will need to invest some money. Nowadays, you can easily find the suitable website hosting choices for you without spending a lot on the service that you may not need. A hosting provider

makes your work simple and assists the clients throughout the preparatory stages. They will do everything for you that will make sure that you are guided well and so not face any problems.

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All of this may be a lot of you, but the best part is that you do not have to learn how to do all of it for hosting a website. Fortunately, many companies provide this service for you.

At Red Craft Media, we can help you in hosting a website. We understand the needs of our customers and will not want to put them in any difficult situation. You can contact us now to know more about hosting a website.

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