What is Private Domain Registration?

Getting private domain registration is a protective buffer that registrants can leverage to keep their personal information, website, and visitors safe from any potential hazards online.

You may be wondering whether this is a luxury you can afford. In this post, we’ll be delving extensively into private domain registration, what it entails, why you need it, and what you stand to lose, should you opt to go on without the protective features it offers.

What is Private Domain Registration All About?

If you took the time to go through the details of your domain registration and all it entails, then no doubt you’d have seen quite a lot of features, most of which you can’t seem to find any real use for.

Naturally, you’re likely wondering whether getting private domain registration won’t fall into that category. After all, if it’s so important, it would be added to your package, right?

What is Private Domain Registration?

You see, during the process of your registration, you would’ve been required to provide various information about yourself, like your full name, email address, phone number, and so on as part of the procedure. All this information is stored on a platform called WHOIS, which is a publicly available database.

The direct implication of this is that virtually anyone can simply log on to WHOIS and access every bit of information it has about you.

Ideally, this mightn’t necessarily be a bad thing. It’s not unheard-of for profitable connections and business collaborations to come out of avenues like this, which is one of the main reasons the data is made available to members of the public in the first place.

Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on theInternet

– Gary Kovacs

However, when you consider the fact that to date, nearly 2 billion records of personal information have been accessed and stolen, leading to the loss of millions of dollars, you start to see why caution is a logical approach to take here.


Private domain registration is a protective feature you can employ to forestall potential data breaches. It masks your personal information on WHOIS, basically making it impossible for anyone to use that data against you and your site.

It is a very affordable add-on feature you can pay your domain registrar for.

What Happens Without it?

When you don’t have domain privacy protection in place, any number of things can happen, most of which aren’t good.

Below are a few things to expect without private domain registration protection.

Your Personal Information is at Risk

Perhaps the most pressing danger a registrant faces without private domain registration is the exposure of their personal information to anyone willing to access it.
Without privacy there is no point in being an individual

-Jonathan Franzen

Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant

-Mitchell Kapor

In an effort to prevent strangers from accessing their personal information, some registrants have been known to provide falsified information for their registration. However, this seldom works out well because all information is duly verified as authentic before your domain registration can be completed and allowed to stand.

On a personal level, with so much of your private data available to the public, you run a risk of being a target of identity theft.

Professionally, if you’re on a project you don’t want made public knowledge, it could easily leak through here.

Getting private domain registration helps you properly fill your WHOIS registration without having to worry about any digital threats.

You Are Exposed to Unwanted Calls

As was mentioned earlier, one of the important pieces of information readily available about you without private domain registration is your phone number.

Due to this, just about anybody can pick your number and dial you up straight. In fact, this is one way that marketers pick up the phone number of people that they put sales calls through to. Consequently, once a marketer gets their hands on your number, there might be no end to the calls and sales pitches to try to convince you to purchase products and services you have no use for.

In the same vein, scammers can easily access your contact information and use that to wreak untold havoc.

Your Website or Blog is Left Unprotected

So far, the major drawbacks that have been discussed mainly cover the personal implications of not having this security measure in place. But that isn’t to say that your website or blog can’t be adversely affected directly as well.

It is possible that using the exposed information, someone can actually steal your website from you. Through performing a fraudulent domain transfer, the ownership of your domain can be passed to anyone without your notice, consent, or approval.

Once anyone is able to access your domain control panel, basically anything is possible.

After taking so long to carefully build a brand and name that your clientele can trust, we’re sure that an occurrence like that is the last thing you want.

Getting private domain registration comes with a protection shield feature that ensures that nothing of this nature ever happens to your precious domain.

You Get Copious Amounts of Spam Email

Public directories like WHOIS serve as a veritable treasure trove of information for not just sales call marketers but also spammers as well!

In many ways, these spam emails are much worse in comparison to the sales calls. One reason for this is the fact that these spam emails often contains any number of dangerous links that can severely compromise your personal computer, should you attempt to access them.

Setting that aside, there’s also a real risk that with all the spam emails flooding your inbox, you might miss valuable messages as a result.

You Give Your Competition an Added Advantage

With only a few taps on their keyboard, your competition will know virtually all there is to know about you from where you live to your contact information!

In reality, you have no way of knowing what information about you your competitors can leverage to put themselves ahead of you, so the best thing to do is protect as much as you can.

The only way to do that where your domain is concerned is through private domain registration. Using Red Craft Media for this entitles you to a host of other features and resources that will make your domain a fortress!

Want to get started? Simply click here to begin!

Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.

– Billy Graham



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