The Benefits of Private Domain Registration

It is essential to understand that while registering the domain name for a business website, personal information like name, email, phone number, and address, everything becomes public. According to the regulations of a Non-profit Organization that recognizes the domain name registrars, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the information of the domain owner has to be available on the public Internet directory, WHOIS for registration to be considered complete.

If you provide fictional contact information to avoid exposing your personal information, you may lose your domain rights as ICANN demands accurate information from you. The only viable way out here is to get private domain registration.

When selecting the specifics of your private domain registration service, choose one that enables you to turn the masking off and on by yourself. You might face some situations where you will need the visibility of real information on WHOIS, like when it is requested by a legitimate third party or a validation of an SSL certificate is needed. Find a service option that will allow you to manage it yourself so that you can turn the masking off and on whenever the need arises for you to.

The Benefits of Private Domain Registration

If your domain is not registered yet, just simply opt for private domain registration. This will allow you to have everything under one roof and give you easy handling of it all as well. Choose a company that is capable of handling different facets of setting up your domain like the design of the website, website hosting, SSL certificates, and the private domain registration all by itself. That way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of contacting a different provider to get a status report on individual aspects of the project.

Is Private Really Better Than Public Domain Name Registration?

Short answer; Yes!

Going for a private domain registration over the public alternative is even more important in light of the fact that all information you file for WHOIS must be 100% accurate or your domain is liable to face serious penalties once these discrepancies are found out.

In a nutshell, private domain registration helps you fulfill all the necessary steps in the domain registration process without putting yourself or your blog and website at risk.

On many levels, getting this add-on can be a truly logical and beneficial move for you. This is more so the case when you put into consideration the fact that trusted domain registrars like Red Media Craft offer this service at a very low and affordable annual price.

There are several benefits of note worth considering before you making your final decision.

Here are three major reasons why private domain registration is the way to go for you!

Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age

– Andy Grove

1. It Keeps You in Complete Control

When you buy a domain using public domain registration, a lot of things are out of your hands. To start with, you have no control over who sees your information, and by extension, you have very little say over what that information can and will be used for.

Granted, access to your personal information might not seem a big deal, at first. However, the chance that someone with less than honorable intentions can use that data to harm you must never be overlooked.

Consider this; if you work directly out of your home, then in all likelihood, the office address you put down during your registration will be the same as your home address, meaning that anyone who cares to look it up will not only know where you work but also where you live. Is that honestly information you want to become public knowledge?

In addition to this, abuse of personal information is a common theme in this digital age. Getting private domain registration does a lot to remove you from harm’s way.


With this add-on feature in effect, access to all your information on WHOIS is restricted, limiting who knows crucial details about your business and you, the registrant.

When you have this in place, you know that any information available to the public is data you want them to know and nothing more.

2. Provides Top-Notch Privacy Protection

In today’s world, identity theft is something that occurs more and more frequently. With many high-tech hackers on the prowl, there’s no estimating what information they can use to steal your identity.

In essence, this means that for the most part, it falls to you to take conscious, decisive actions to prevent such an event from happening.

As a registrant, this is especially important because a considerable portion of what makes up your personal identity is available on display to the public already. Allowing this information to remain within such easy reach increases the likelihood of your identity being stolen.

For me, privacy and security are really important. We think about it in terms of both: You can’thave privacy without security

– Larry Page

Having private registration seals that data away from the reach of the public. However, it does this without isolating you or your brand. If you so choose, you can select certain bits of information you feel cannot be used negatively for display on your website.

One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs

-Window Synder

3. Serves as a Powerful Solicitation Deterrent

This is another great benefit of operating your domain under private registration.

As you would expect, the fact that a lot of personal information is available on WHOIS isn’t a secret. As such, pushy marketers and scammers alike frequent public domains like this to collect this data and use it to contact domain registrants for their reasons.

While you can always find ways to avoid the phone calls of salespeople and simply delete any spam emails you receive, there’s no contesting the fact that ensuring you never even get these in the first place is a much better alternative.

Going for private domain registration is one sure way to guarantee this. It is especially effective for ensuring you never receive any solicitation emails.

How does it achieve this?


When you sign on for private domain registration with a provider like Red Craft Media, they employ several practices to ensure you never have to deal with spam email, one of which is changing your email address frequently, so these scammers and spammers don’t have a viable contact to reach you on.

Opting for private domain registration will indeed cost you a little extra, but when you consider the perks of control, safety, and security that come with it, there’s no disputing that it’s definitely worth it!

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security

– Jodi Rel



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